Mayor defends call to stop all buses


Mayor of London Boris Johnson has defended the decision yesterday to halt all bus journeys.

Mr Johnson said it was made for safety reasons, but admitted the capital was short on the machinery it needed to deal with winter weather.

He said the difficulty was clearing and gritting the roads before more snow fell and claimed that to allow buses to run on unprepared roads could have lethal consequences.

“We don’t have the snow ploughs that we would otherwise need to be sure of getting the roads free,” the mayor admitted.

Transport for London (TfL) defended the call to halt bus journeys and has since announced it is running a good service on all tube and bus networks.

“We continue to work with London boroughs asking them to focus their gritting resources on problem areas and we expect the situation to improve as the day goes on,” TfL announced.

It is usually possible to get to most offices in London on public transport, as workers have Tube, bus and overground services to choose from.