Microsoft champions new design techniques


Microsoft is championing the latest trends in office space design with its new 99 building at its campus in Redmond, Washington.

The company is hoping that the buildings will reflect new areas of its business, such as the consumer focused Xbox and Zune groups. Open lobbies, colourful furniture and bright carpets will all be part of the new look.

The software giant states that the change in its design will lead to increased employee productivity.

Microsoft has a policy that allows the vast majority of its workers to have their own offices rather than cubicles – but, as it researched what its workers wanted from their office environment, Microsoft found that a significant proportion preferred an open plan-style office space.

The new Microsoft design environment therefore has a mixture of the two approaches – with an open plan office area complemented by a warren of smaller meeting rooms with comfortable chairs that workers can relax in while they discuss their latest ideas, reports