Ministry of Justice sells in Victoria


The Ministry of Justice is putting a total of 240,000 square feet of office space on the market in London’s Victoria. The two properties are both on John Islip Street; Abell House comprises 126,000 square feet and Cleland House comprises 114,000 square feet of office space. London will remain home for only a minority of MoJ offices, as the department moves most of its operations outside the capital.

The Ministry hopes to sell the properties by early 2011, raising upwards of £60 million, as part of a cost-saving exercise. The staff currently resident in those two buildings will be moved to 102 Petty France, with the MoJ reducing its central London offices from 18 to just four by 2015. The Petty France office is one of the four the government will retain in the long term.

The move is part of the previous government’s measures for a £1 billion spending reduction announced in the March budget.


Image: 102 Petty France (Flickr, King Chung Huang)