Monty takes over


Control over the Thames Gateway regeneration project has been handed to Joe Montgomery following the resignation of Judith Armitt, it has been reported.

Mrs Armitt was chief executive of the Thames Gateway Delivery Unit for little more than one year and resigned amid rumours of a rift between the organisation and the House of Commons.

A letter written to stakeholders announced the appointment, it read: "Joe Montgomery will, as director general, regions and communities, now take direct responsibility for the Thames Gateway Executive and coordinate the work of government departments and agencies in the Gateway."

The regeneration project will cost more than £9 billion and aims to build 160,000 new homes and create 225,000 jobs by 2011.

There have been recent concerns that new developments are being built on land that is prone to flooding and will be difficult to insure.

According to the Association of British Insurers, since flooding in June and July this year the insurance industry has dealt with over 130,000 claims, and faced a total bill of around £3 billion.