Most London workers live more than 30 minutes from work


A new survey from the Office of National Statistics shows that three out of four people work within thirty minutes of home.

The findings show that people working in London tended to take longer to travel to work, with only 44% having a journey of 30 minutes or less. Meanwhile three times as many of London’s workers as the national average – 16 per cent – took more than an hour.

The journey time was largely due to around half of all London workers taking public transport (20% the train, 18% the Underground and 12% the bus).

Outside London, only 9% of workers took any form of public transport to work. Around three in five, or 59%, of all workers in the UK worked and lived in the same local authority district.

With huge amounts of office space in London, but very high housing prices, many people have to commute from the outskirts or surrounding areas.