Mozilla opens new London office space dedicated to developers


Non-profit organisation Mozilla has opened new London office space, solely dedicated to providing open source developers a place to gather and work as part of its Spaces scheme,  according to an article published by The H Online.

Located at 101 St Martins Lane, the Covent Garden office space features a large meeting area, six smaller meeting rooms, a “Splendid Bar” and access to Wi-Fi.

The building will also house a number of Mozilla’s employees.

President of Mozilla Europe, Tristan Nitot, spoke about the scheme.

He said: “The idea of an open space from Mozilla was that everybody who needs a meeting space to do something creative about the open web and to have a few meetings to talk about things can have one, without being encumbered by a company having them sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to get into their offices.

Nitot added: “It is also showing that Mozilla as a non-profit is as good as businesses are.”

Plans are also in place to open a similar space in Paris according to Nitot.

“We already have a space but it’s so crowded you can’t use it properly. We’re taking Space to a whole new level in London where you know if you show up you’ll meet interesting people who share a passion for open source and the open web,” he stated.

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