New Sky building ‘Europe’s most sustainable’


Broadcaster Sky’s new building is on track to be Europe’s most sustainable broadcast facility, the company has claimed.

The £223 million building near Heathrow will incorporate a range of eco-build technologies to help keep its emissions and carbon footprint low.

Director at architects Arup Associates, Micahel Beaven, told Building Design projects of this kind usually consume massive amounts of energy.

“What we’ve done is integrate a raft of processes and technologies to drastically reduce the energy profile of the building while ensuring that the way the building works is also sustainable from a human perspective,” he said.

The design incorporates natural ventilation systems, wind turbines and onsite renewable energy generation.

To further reduce waste, 90 per cent of building materials from initial demolition work is being recycled.

Commercial property developers are looking to similar technologies to help new builds be more environmentally friendly.

Sheppard Robson’s One Westminster Place is a further example of how new building techniques are cleaning up commercial property builds – when completed it will incorporate a layered glass frontage that collects heat for energy.