News Corp submits plan to develop Wapping HQ


Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has submitted a planning application to develop its east London Headquarters.

The plan details the renovation of the old printworks in Wapping, including an 18-metre-high atrium to make the most of sunlight and turn it into one of the largest naturally-ventilated office spaces in the UK.

The application also include public walkways and an area that will be let for eateries, a museum and retail outlets.

News Corp announced last November that it would hold off redevelopment until the outlook for the economy was brighter. Although most would argue this has not yet happened, the corporation is progressing with its planning phase ahead of the anticipated upturn in 2010.

Aside from its UK newspaper arm News International, which has occupied the building since 1986, the Wapping office space will also house other News Corp holdings, including Fox, HarperCollins, Dow Jones and MySpace.