Office space becomes a work of art


A new scheme which sees office space turned into a showcase for artists has been winning support in India.

The innovative approach adopted by US wireless technology firm Qualcomm, which has an office in Mumbai, has seen businesses being encouraged to promote the latest works of budding artists.

Entitled Works@Work, the scheme is currently attracting attention for its innovative use of office space and has been embraced by employees and artists alike, according to the Financial Express.

Mayura Deshpande is one of those to have benefited from the platform, with the artist telling the newspaper it offered mutual benefits: "This is my first solo exhibition, and I am happy to have got a platform where I can display many of my works."

Qualcomm India and South Asia president, Kanwalinder Singh, added: "This is a unique programme through which Qualcomm finds ways to support promising young artists, providing a service to art enthusiasts and making the workplace vibrant."

The psychology of office space and design has become an increasingly important issue for firms looking to motivate their workforce.

While major capital cities such as London are dominated by office space packed into skyscrapers, increasingly what makes a good office is being determined by its layout and how space is used.