Office space design discussed a conference


The role office space design can play in improving workplace performance will be discussed at a conference to be held at Central St Martins Innovation, in central London, today.

The conference, entitled What is the Creative Workplace?, will bring together leading figures from the realms of management, art education, architecture and design – and they will discuss the issues that are likely to figure in the future of workplace design.

Questions to be answered include: "Is your workplace snuffing out your creativity?" and "Do creative people need an ideas-friendly workspace to be truly innovative?"

Charles Leadbeater, a leading specialist in creativity and innovation, is one person who will be speaking at the event – as is Dr Frank Duffy, founder of design consultants DEGW.

Attendees will have the chance to try out interactive technology that monitors the tracks the office environment -with the opinions of workers, temperature and light levels all up for discussion.