Office workers can save on ‘E-Day’


Office workers should switch off their gadgets and try to save energy on the country’s first national ‘E-Day’.

The brainchild of Dr Matt Prescott, Energy Saving Day (E-Day) is an attempt to highlight the simple steps which can help save energy by asking people to stop wasting electricity by switching off any unused applications between 6pm on Wednesday February 27th and 6pm the following day.

Potentially delivering a major boost to the campaign to tackle climate change, the campaign will not be without its difficulties for many office workers, according to research commissioned by

Over 22 million phones are needlessly charged up every day, even if they have some power left, with the research suggesting this ‘comfort charging’ accounts for more than 14 billion wasted energy hours a year.

Four in ten of us admit to leaving the PC on standby, with the computers sitting idly by in office space across the country while we are at home.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at, said: "E-Day is a great opportunity for us all to stop and think before we plug-in and power up our gadgets and gismos.

"We are increasingly dependent on technology and this is coming at a high cost to ourselves and the planet. If we become more aware of the electricity we use we can work towards reducing our bills and our impact on the environment."