Office workers coy over climate change


Workers in British offices are adopting a lax approach when it comes to climate change, a new survey has revealed.

Details from Axa’s international retirement scope survey indicates that just 30 per cent of employees in offices think they can make a difference.

Instead most prefer to sit back and expect someone else to act, with eight in ten believing industry is to blame.

And, with workers in a prime position to turn off office lights, shut down an unused PC or avoid piling up mountains of waste, it is something which commentators say needs to change.

Axa head of climate change Truska Angel commented: "Global warming is a problem that isn’t going to go away and it is worrying to see that some Brits do not think climate change will impact them.

"People need to begin to take responsibility to help the environment."

There was some good news, however – of those who think they can make a difference 71 per cent said they would be willing to pay extra for products or services which saved the planet.