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As we slowly move through the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must consider ‘what’s next’ for the office. In our Office23 solution, the Redefine (2022-2023) stage is where businesses must reflect on this question in more detail. DeVono can help by focusing on three main topics: corporate culture, how to reorganise and refit space, and building a digital toolbox. In the final edition of our Office23 blog series, we look at the elements of the Redefine stage of the Office23 journey.




The Redefine (2022-2023) stage of the Office23 journey is where DeVono can help to redefine what your physical office space means to your business and your employees. At DeVono, we can offer a full suite of real estate solutions from formulating the full strategy, find suitable buildings, and alongside our design and build business, Dthree Studio, we can design ideal layouts as you configure your office space for the future.

Corporate Culture

Your culture is what holds your business together, and at DeVono, we passionately believe that the office is the physical manifestation of your company culture. In our Office23 offer, DeVono can conduct leadership and employee surveys to understand what your existing and ideal cultures are – then make recommendations for how this has an impact on the purpose of office combined with other employee feedback, working styles and aspirations.



Reorganising and refitting space

Office design has a significant impact on workplace efficiency and engagement. After assessing your different working styles and the extent to which you will be utilising hybrid working, DeVono can guide you by ensuring your office space is suitably designed to foster improved culture and productivity. This assessment could recommend creating different spacing, increasing or decreasing your footprint as necessary.

Building a digital toolbox

Ensuring your office is equipped with the most relevant digital technology is imperative during the Office23 process. By understanding your operational priorities, and cost considerations, DeVono and our partners can assist you in determining what digital tools or proptech solutions are suitable for you in the Redefine stage of the Office23 process.



The journey to Office23

Over the next 18 months, organisations must continue to review their workplace strategy and assess what the office means to them. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in real estate, but DeVono can help you find the optimal workplace solution for your organisation. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the perception of the office, with many questioning its purpose. Yet, the office is here to stay, and a blend of in-person and remote working is likely to be the best solution for most organisations. Our Office23 solution seeks to make an impact on your business and its long-term goals, and DeVono stands ready to assist you every step of the way as you find your optimal working solution and progress towards Office23.


To discover more about our Office23 offer, contact Amanda Irwin, DeVono’s Head of Workplace Consultancy, on +44 (0) 7392 922690, or via email at:

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