Offices urged to go green


Offices are being encouraged to save money and the planet by being more energy efficient.

Environmentally sound office practices have become an increasingly important issue for companies, with many seeking to be more socially responsible by adopting greener practices.

And, with business responsible for approximately 40 per cent of the total carbon emission in the UK according to the Carbon Trust, turning offices green can make a big difference.

One example of the trend is a new tool designed to save on waste by cutting down on expensive corporate electricity bills.

The Bye Bye Standby Office application is a plug-in energy control system, which cuts power to electrical devices left on standby – whether it be the computer, printer, monitor or fax machine.

With the average desktop PC wasting nearly half the power delivered to it when left in standby mode, the makers say it will help those firms looking to cut costs.

Inefficient energy practices cost businesses an estimated £2 billion each year.