Oil company’s ambitious green build


Russian oil company Gazprom has claimed its new building will be the tallest and one of the greenest in Europe.

Described as an "eco-skyscraper", the Okhta tower has been designed by UK-based architectural firm RMJM and it will feature environmental designs that could be used in new offices in London.

"High rise buildings are often not thought of as environmentally sustainable and, through our work on the Okhta Tower, we’ve recognised the need to facilitate environmental efficiency in the commercial world,", said director Matt Cartwright, Director.

The tower will use a "fur coat" build concept, which uses an atrium between the inner and outer walls and provides thermal insulation and natural insulation at different times of year.

At 396 metres high, it is set to become Europe’s tallest building and is scheduled to be completed in 2012.

"With this project, we thought about sustainability issues right from the start and as such it has been totally integrated into the design, frame and structure," Mr Cartwright commented.