Olympic pool costs on the rise


The pool under development for the London Olympics has trebled in cost, according to the Evening Standard.

The bill for the aquatics centre was expected to be £75 million but is now reported to be £210 million.

When completed, the building will seat 22,500 and feature two 50-metre pools. Balfour Beatty is the builder for the design, penned by architect Zara Hadid.

A senior government source explained its complexity to the paper: "You could put a pool in a basic, boxlike building."

"But instead this venue will define the Olympic Park and be heralded around the world."

There has been increased criticism over rising costs associated with the 2012 Olympics. The Games are expected to bring added business to the capital but it is unclear how all the development costs will be reclaimed.

Run by the Olympic Delivery Authority, the scheme to regenerate the East End should bring added investment in the area’s business property.

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