Olympics’ workers get biometric checks


All workers at the Olympics site will be screened using new biometric scanners, the Times has reported.

The new security precaution will feature face recognition and palm-print reading. It will affect up to 100,000 workers and could be used during the Games to scan ticket-holders.

Tarique Ghaffur, the Metropolitan police assistant commissioner, announced the plans at a security conference in Abu Dhabi.

Employment unions have raised some concerns about data protection although Mike Fairhurst, a biometrics expert, told the paper the techniques were already being used successfully.

"If it’s implemented in the right way, multi-modal biometrics are more reliable because it’s more of a challenge for people trying to defeat the system," he said.

The UK Borders Bill 2007 has set out a legislative framework for the introduction of biometric ID cards, but is yet to become law.

The Olympic site is a huge mixed development of sporting facilities and commercial properties, which should attract millions of new visitors to the capital.