Picture this


Dublin-based architects O’Donnell & Tuomey have released plans for the new Photographers’ Gallery.

It will move to a new six-storey site in Ramilies Street, Soho, in 2010 and there will be future opportunities for design consultancies to bid for the next stage of development, Design Week has reported.

John Tuomey, lead architect, said each part of the building would lock into place like a jigsaw and described it as "a complex building with a singular expression".

"Rather than layering the building like a conventional house, the floors are set out on a spiral journey, in an interlocking design. The lift shaft is key to the whole structure. It provides the central core with the parts of the building almost hanging from it," he said.

The Photographers’ Gallery is Europe’s most visited gallery dedicated to photography and welcomes half a million visitors each year.

The new gallery will be near busy business property, commercial lettings and the vibrant Oxford Street.