Property investor Prupim goes green


Global Real Estate Investment Manager Prupim has put ecological measures in place that saved 56,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide over the course of 2008.

The company have recently prioritised sustainability, partly on the grounds that it will become increasingly important in maintaining profitability in the medium- to long-term.

“These issues were once seen as peripheral by fund managers but sustainable management is now vital in combating the financial effects of climate change on investment returns, as well as the physical and social impacts,” commented Sustainability and Environment Manager Joel Quintal.

Prupim’s portfolio includes a significant proportion of commercial property in London, including office space, and its goals are likely to have an impact on the sector as it improves efforts further. Waste recycling was up by 6 percent at its offices in the last year, along with other changes in areas such as power and water use.