Regeneration may lead to new London office space


A major regeneration project in Croydon is expected to spark a host of transnational companies to invest in the area.

Over the last 15 months, companies across the UK such as Network Rail have invested in London office space across the borough.

The renovation detailed by will include developments to both the residential and commercial aspects of the area which is believed to have an estimated value of £500m.

Jon Rouse the Council chief in charge of this huge development said that “we have always been ambitious but this time our ambitions are realistic and we have listened to the market”.

It has been claimed that Croydon is one of the biggest untapped markets in London and as such the demand from businesses to move into local office spaces and surrounding locations has boomed.

Work on the developments has already begun and the area is expected to draw in more interest from commercial developers in the coming years.

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