Sainsbury-funded offices for Miliband


Frontrunner in the Labour leadership contest, David Miliband, has been given the use of a set of London serviced offices in Smith Square – next door to the building formerly used by Margaret Thatcher. The serviced offices were paid for by Labour peer Lord David Sainsbury, at a cost of more than £11,000.

In addition to the office space in London’s most expensive area, Lord Sainsbury donated a further £40,000 to Miliband’s campaign to become the next Labour leader. In total, the tycoon – who has an estimated worth of more than £2 billion – has given around £10 million to the party in past years.

David Miliband has encouraged as many contenders as possible to throw their hats into the ring, to avoid the kind of ‘coronation’ which saw Gordon Brown come to power unelected. The competition includes his younger brother Ed Miliband, the former climate change secretary.


Image: Wikimedia commons