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Serviced Office Myths Debunked


From flexibility to budget planning, there are so many reasons to choose serviced offices for your business. However there are a few misconceptions around the serviced office solution. Here we dispel some of the most commonly heard myths …

“Serviced offices are more expensive”

The monthly spend for a serviced office can on the face of it, seem much higher than a leasehold space. However, serviced office contracts are inclusive of various provisions, amenities and utilities which are not typically included in a conventional office lease. These can include but are not limited to: rent, business rates, service charges, building insurance, gas, water, electricity, internet, telephone services, furniture, showering facilities, meeting rooms, reception services, call handling and much more.

When the full package is taken into consideration, a serviced office space can work out more cost effective. According to Corporate Serviced Offices, businesses can save anything from 43% to 78%. Additional financial incentives for choosing a serviced office include, small deposits and little, if any, capital expenditure.

 “Serviced offices are only for small or start-up companies”

This is a common misconception which couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course new and emerging businesses do gravitate towards serviced offices for flexibility, cash flow and access to the same facilities as a more established firm.

However, over the last decade, the trend of larger corporates choosing a serviced solution has become more and more evident.

Organisations can setup in new locations and test the water, so to speak, without needing to sign up to a lengthy lease.

Whether it’s a satellite office or additional space for project teams, larger organisations are now turning to Serviced to take advantage of the all-inclusive arrangement and flexible terms.


“The process of moving into a serviced office isn’t an easy or quick process”

Moving office is stressful, it’s no secret. Moving from A to B is the relatively easy, but it’s everything else you need to think about that causes the stress and adds cost. The checklist is endless.

There’s the internet and phone networks to set up and who will assemble furniture? Cleaners and building security will need to be employed – the list goes on, and on…

A familiar term used in the serviced office industry is “plug and play” and that’s  exactly what occupiers do when they arrive at their serviced space.

Imagine walking into your new office, your desks are built, your IT and telecoms have been tested and are up and running, the reception desk is staffed with professional personnel to meet and greet your visitors, cleaning and security staff are also on site, all you needed to do is plug in your laptop and start working.

DeVono Cresa’s Serviced Office Agency team will work with you to find your perfect space and can help you be operational in a matter of days, rather than months. Our team will guide you on all the moving parts of your relocation, making it as smooth and stress free as possible.

“You pay for things you don’t need or use”

Serviced office operators often bundle services into a simple monthly fee based on the majority of clients requirements. This means that you will often benefit from more bolt-on provisions as a bonus.

If you are ever unsure whether you need a facility and don’t want to pay a monthly fee for it, many operate on a “pay as you go” system, allowing occupiers to add services when required.

DeVono Cresa’s Serviced Office Agency Team work with you to ensure no unnecessary fees are included.

More commonly operators incorporate additional services into the monthly fee to stay competitive and show transparency and complicity in their pricing models.

“There can be hidden costs”

Serviced office contracts are often praised for their simplicity and lack of legal jargon. It is in the interest of the providers to list everything that is included in the monthly fee. Their aim is to win and retain your business as well as prove the monthly running cost is economical, so it is highly unlikely that providers will leave anything out.

We work closely with providers to ensure transparency in your contract and we are seeing more and more providers move to wholly inclusive price models removing  the question of hidden costs completely.


“The internet connection is poor”

Most providers offer high-speed fibre optic broadband and therefore the fastest connection possible. Some providers may offer an inclusive shared internet service with dedicated and speedier optional upgrades.

New centres coming to the market are provisioned with high speed internet and most established centres are being upgraded continuously to keep up with competition and exceed client requirements.

“You can’t add that personal touch to your office, so it will never feel like your own”

A lot of people associate a serviced office with a white walled room with no character or opportunity to make your own. With more of a focus on design-led work spaces, most operators actively encourage clients to brand their office space, as long as the changes are not permanent and can be reversed at the end of the agreement.

Providers go to great lengths to incorporate high design into their workspaces so you can now expect interesting artwork, themed spaces and the ability to influence the space with your company branding.


“Only short-term lets are available”

Serviced office contracts are designed with flexibility in mind and generally  range from 3 months to 3 years. This is particularly beneficial for companies upsizing or downsizing, as you will only pay for the space and facilities you use on the terms that suit your needs.

Serviced offices are regularly secured for longer periods of time to allow for businesses that may not have the capital available for the initial large deposit and other upfront costs incurred on a traditional leasehold space.

“You won’t be able to access your office out of normal working hours if it’s serviced”

Nearly all serviced offices are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; providers understand that many businesses work long or global hours.

To further support 24/7 flexibility, many buildings offer great amenities such as showers, bicycle storage, gyms, on site restaurants, bars, cafes, dry cleaning and much more


Are you looking for your next flexible office? For impartial help, explore what’s out there with DeVono Cresa.

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