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How to stay balanced in uncertain times


While the UK attempts to work out the possible implications of the vote to exit the EU – can you afford to put big decisions on hold?

For organisations with important property decisions, such as a lease expiry or break on the horizon, business must go on. How do you balance accommodating the needs of your business and workforce, with avoiding a potentially risky five or even ten years lease commitment?

DeVono Cresa specialises in helping you determine the best commercial property strategy for your business. We explore all the possible scenarios on your behalf leaving you to focus on what’s important – your business. For example:

• Do you need to move to a new office space?
• Which new locations should you consider?
• How much space do you need for future growth?
• Is it better to stay and renegotiate the terms of your existing lease?
• Could a flexible serviced office arrangement be right for your business – offering a way of ensuring continuity – but without a big commitment?

Our role is to present you with a range of viable business cases so you can make fully informed decisions. We then fully manage the process for you, from start to finish.

In this time of economic uncertainty, we simply wish to ensure that your business is best equipped to make the right choice regarding the next decision on your property footprint.


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