Swiss architect to prepare controversial commercial property towers


The Swiss architect Herzog & de Meuron is designing three new towers for London’s skyline.

Working with Shard developer Stella Property Group, the practice hopes to create the UK’s largest residential development.

Once completed, the towers will stand 100m, 200m, and 250m tall and create a cluster of high-rise buildings near London Bridge rail station.

"It’s quite a brave thing to be proposing at the moment," director of New London Architecture Peter Murray told BDonline.

However, not everyone is keen to see more high-rise commercial property developments in the capital.

"If it got permission, it would establish a precedent… and you could do something a lot cheaper and nastier," said local developer and conservation specialist, Russell Grey.

He told the magazine he felt high-rise had its place but said he was not impressed by what he called a brash, brazen, in-your-face approach.

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