Thames Gateway reaches 100


The Thames Gateway’s Ebbsfleet Valley development will be the first in the UK to have internet connections that allow speeds of 100Mbps.

BT Openreach has announced it will provide the area with a fibre-optic network instead of one based on traditional copper based cables.

Steve Robertson, chief executive, said it was the first deployment of fibre rather than copper to residential customers and it would "enable communication providers to gauge what demand exists for very high speed broadband".

BT is keen to use more fire-optic connections in new build developments but is awaiting the Ofcom consultation on the future of the telecoms industry.

The Thames Gateway development is a key part of the government’s ambitious plans to build three million new homes by 2020.

When completed, Ebbsfleet Valley will feature six million sq ft of commercial space, three million sq ft of retail, leisure and community facilities and approximately 10,000 homes.