The age of bold buildings


The Noughties decade is heralding a period of bold and daring British building designs, says one architecture critic.

Jonathan Glancey, blogging for the Guardian, says the decade was launched by Frank Gehry’s design of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.

The dramatic designs of super modernists architects are dominating the world’s skylines and the architectural 2000s "were surely the best possible of all worlds after all," he says.

However, some housing developments have really failed to meet the standard set by iconic designs and city offices such as the Gherkin.

"The specifically British decade might well be remembered most for the sheer amount of nasty, cheapjack building that stomped its relentless way across these islands in a bid to create a land of homes fit for low-paid shoppers," he observes.

The Gherkin is officially called 30 St Mary Axe and was built on the site of the Baltic Exchange for £138 million in 2003.