Tony Blair’s London Offices for Sale


The property containing former prime minister Tony Blair’s rented office space, 9 Grosvenor Square, is up for sale. Mr Blair uses the offices, at an estimated cost of £550,000 per annum, in his capacity as envoy to the Middle East. With the demand high for serviced offices in London the property, covering 6,000 square feet, is expected to sell for over £10 million.

The former Prime Minister has a lease of ten-years on the offices which began in 2007. However he is far from the first high-profile resident linked to Grosvenor Square. There has been a strong US presence in Grosvenor Square since John Adams established the first American mission to the court of St James in 1785.

The US Embassy will remain in the Square until at least 2016, and the Canadian High Commission also has a base in Macdonald House.


Image: Wikimedia Commons