Tube drivers test auto trains


Tube drivers are test driving a new automatic train operating system on the Jubilee line.

Introduction of the service should reduce waiting and journey times for passengers travelling to commercial property in Canary Wharf.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: "My priority for London Underground is to ensure that the reliability of the Tube can be greatly improved over the coming years."

Trains will soon be fitted with new display and control panels, which show drivers the ideal speed to travel, optimising transit times.

"When the upgrade of the line is finished customers will experience a much improved service," Penny Hazell, general manager of the Jubilee line, commented.

The underground links all the capital’s major centres of commercial property. It joins Soho, favoured by the media industries, to the business property of international banks, cited in Canary Wharf.

Harry Beck’s map of the underground was based on electrical circuit diagrams and was first shown in 1931.