UK to run out of landfill space within 9 years


Britain will run out of landfill space within nine years under its current methods of waste management, new research has claimed

During 2005, some 22.6 million tonnes of unrecyclable rubbish was deposited into landfill sites in Britain, the highest out of any other EU country, according to a Local Government Association report into landfill rates.

Britain was labelled in the report as the "dustbin of Europe", but National Office of Statistics figures released this week revealed that the amount of rubbish being sent to landfill sites fell from 17.9 million tonnes to 16.9 million tonnes in 2005-06.

"There needs to be an urgent and radical overhaul of the way in which rubbish is thrown away," LGA environment board chairman Paul Bettison said.

"Local people, businesses and councils all have a vital role to play to protect our country side before it becomes buried in a mountain of rubbish," he added.

Scotland meanwhile is set to meet its 2008 recycling rate target of 30 per cent, reports the Scotsman.