Ultra-modern US embassy unveiled


Plans for the stunning new US embassy have been released. The £650 million (around $1 billion) futuristic glass cube, situated in Wandsworth is scheduled to replace the current American embassy’s 50-year-old run-down London office space [pictured] by 2017.

‘We will replace our current embassy, which has become overcrowded, does not meet modern office needs and required security standards,’ said Louis Susman, the US ambassador to the UK.

Kieran Timberlake architects won the contract with their exceptional carbon-neutral design, which will be situated within a landscape-gardened environment. The firm has a track-record of innovative buildings and sustainable design. Work for the project will begin in 2013.

It appears that America is now haggling over the question of paying VAT with the UK government; reports suggest that Treasury officials are currently considering the proposal, which will benefit any UK builders hired as sub-contractors – assuming they are involved.


Image: Wikimedia