Why Haven’t You Met Your Landlord?


Have you always wanted to meet your landlord? As commercial occupiers, naturally, you’ll have a commercial landlord, but the chances of you or your business ever having met them are considerably low. When surveyed,  more than 70% of business leaders in London had never met the company that owns their commercial property.

In many cases, managing agents will fill the void and act as an intermediary, undertaking much of the landlord’s responsibilities. Although this can be a practical and efficient way of ensuring administrative duties are kept on top of, the reality is that a complete lack of presence is never going to help a landlord establish a relationship with their tenant.

Managing agents vs commercial landlords
Typically, there is no standard way for managing agents to operate. Based on individual landlorWho is your Landlordd’s requirements, managing agents can take over full or part management of the property, leaving room for the landlord to still have control and responsibility over certain tasks. Those tasks will differ from one landlord to the next, but will generally involve those that are considered too important to relinquish.

However, the managing agent’s responsibilities won’t include looking after the tenant. As managing agents will know, being stuck in the middle of two parties who require reciprocal actions from one another can open the doors for potential friction. If a landlord enables a personal relationship while still working via a managing agent, such instances can be prevented from occurring.
As a tenant, forming a personal relationship with your landlord is extremely effective,  which  could have medium to long term benefits for both parties for multiple reasons.

How can landlords improve their relationships with tenants?
1. Make direct contact with tenants (your customer). Tenants are the financial providers to the landlord’s assets and therefore deserve more time and respect directly from the owners.

2. Maintain a healthy relationship with tenants. Customer care is essential to maintaining a relationship between landlord and occupier, and is difficult to uphold without direct contact. Many commercial office space tenants will never meet their landlord, and may not be affected through not doing so. However, there may be occasions where those who did wish to make direct contact with their commercial landlord could have kept a tenancy agreement or solved a problem within their property much more easily, had they formed a relationship prior to any problems arising.

3. Book in regular meetings with tenants. Having regular meetings to discuss the tenancy will ensure that both parties are consistently happy with how the building is performing.  If there is ever a void surrounding what a tenant requires compared to the service they are receiving, there is a greater chance of resolution through mutual recognition.

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