Zero-carbon builds ‘not sustainable’


Zero-carbon building is ignoring sustainability issues, a senior eco-builder has warned.

David Strong, a founder of the UK Green Building Council, told the London Ecobuild conference it was wrong to neglect other sustainability factors.

Dr Strong expressed his concern that builders and developers have focused on meeting Level 5 and 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

He warned that the industry could create "a generation of homes that are unfit for people", should it continue to build properties that are uneconomic to maintain.

He went on to encourage "whole system thinking" and called on developers to utilise solutions that are more natural.

"There are so many opportunities offered by nature to ventilate, heat, cool and illuminate our buildings, and cost savings to be made by designing out unnecessary technical complexity," he said.

Government guidelines to help individuals reduce their carbon footprint include advice on how to lower heating costs and make homes more efficient.