Zhuhai CTC Electronic Opens London Office


Chinese 3d printer manufacturer, Zhuhai CTC Electronic Ltd has announced the opening of its London office space as the first step to its arrival into the European market.

Zhuhai was founded in 2004 and has made the move from 2d to 3d pritners, having successfully become one of the leading companies in the 3d technology sector.

The Chinese company has made the move to Europe in order to expand its British and European customer base.

New staff members for Zhuhai CTC Electronic Ltd will be sourced from the UK, and will be managed by by their senior marketing expert Yang Ming, who will be making the move to London, and heading up the promotion and sales team.

The new London office is in Greenwich and has 4,000 square feet of internal space.

Zhuhai’s PR director, Siyi He stated: “The ultimate goal of setting up in London is to establish business relationships with local 3d printing services businesses and retailers across Europe.”

She added, “Most Chinese developers only focus on the Chinese market, causing them to remain quite close-minded as their knowledge and understanding remains limited to their local market. But the fact is that there is broader space for development beyond the Chinese market.”

By Kirsty McGregor

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