Under the provisions of an FRI lease (which is the lease that the vast majority of commercial tenants have), the landlord is effectively able to off-set the cost of repair and maintenance of his building on to the occupiers in possession of leases within his building.

Landlords do this via the service charge and simply put, if you occupy one floor of equal size to the three other floors that make up the sum of the building in question, then your liability will be for 25% of all of these costs.

Because of this, it is essential that before any lease is completed, you undertake a full building survey of both the intended office/demise, but also the entire building. 

By doing this you will either satisfy yourself that there are no underlying or inherent problems and/or issues with the building that are likely to necessitate abnormal expenditure by the landlord (that you will then pay a percentage of) during the length of your lease.

If it transpires after the building survey that there are indeed issues that will require expense, then providing the survey is carried out well in advance of completing the lease, DeVono will negotiate with the landlord further on your behalf and either have the work remedied before your lease starts, or if necessary, effectively carve out certain liabilities from your individual lease liabilities thus protecting you from unforeseen and extraordinary expense during the length of your lease.

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