Real estate, commercial property acquisition and office space relocation can cause many problems for business operations directors.

Lease terms, occupancy agreements and payments can have you spending more time on the estate arrangements than on the day-to-day running of your business, and in a busy metropolis like London these problems can be compounded.

In any large city real estate is extremely valuable, and can be very expensive.

DeVono’s experienced commercial estate agents in London can help guide you through the maze of the city’s real estate. We employ some of the leading commercial estate agents in London, and unlike many other commercial estate agents in London we have no conflicts of interest. When we negotiate contractual terms on offices in London, we work only on the behalf of tenants and purchasers – our stance is unique in that our commercial estate agents in London don’t represent landlords.

DeVono is the only property company in London that does this. This important aspect alone helps to avoid a multitude of conflicts that arise during negotiations between tenants and landlords.

When it comes to locating an office or commercial space for a business looking to move to the capital, or an existing business seeking to relocate, a DeVono commercial estate agent in London can get you the best terms possible regardless of the market.

Find a London Office to Rent, and Much More

One of the most confusing and costly times for any business can be relocating an office. That’s why DeVono offers several services that can make your transition simpler and much more cost effective.

In 2007, 2008, 2009 DeVono acquired more offices than any other property company in London, and was responsible for up to eleven per cent of all acquisitions in central London.

DeVono also specialises in educational training, museums and libraries, and even employment training centres all across the Central London area.

We also offer service charge consultancy and business rates consultancy, so you can make sure you’re well-prepared before you begin your search for a new piece of commercial property in London.

With a team of the sharpest London commercial estate agents, DeVono has a proven track record of results and satisfied tenants. Investors and tenants have the peace of mind of knowing that they have an experienced team of commercial estate agents in London standing behind them with advice and guidance every step of the way – from locating the space itself, to space planning and deciding how much office space you need.

Consultancy from DeVono’s London commercial estate agents can help you set clear and realistic goals, and, most importantly, help you achieve them.

All transactions and negotiations are handled in your favour, and all our negotiations are completely transparent.

Our experienced London commercial estate agents have inside access to off-market statistics and opportunities that may make all the difference when locating a new building or piece of office space. Through constant market research, local connections and industry know-how, our commercial estate agents in London can source and secure the right location to accommodate your business.

Commercial Estate Agents with London Know-How

Since DeVono is local, and focused on central London, our commercial estate agents possess detailed knowledge of the local area. We know which properties are over or under-priced, the new areas undergoing redevelopment, and the latest property developments, as well as which properties are looking for tenants.

From Canary Wharf, Covent Garden and Mayfair office space, to Southwark, Fleet Street and much more, DeVono’s commercial estate agents in London will help you find your perfect office space whilst saving you time and money.

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