For the first time in decades, the price of commercial property in London has made moving to a desirable location plausible for many businesses. The recent global economic turmoil has had the byproduct of driving down prices of offices in London and given business a real opportunity. For those in a position to capitalise on this chance, consulting with an expert, an office space and commercial real estate agent, is advisable as a means to avoid common pitfalls and to find the optimum location for one's specific needs.

Fallen Prices, Increased Opportunity

If one could find a positive consequence to the recent financial meltdown that has shaken world markets in ways not seen in decades, it would be that depressed commercial real estate prices have opened up new options for businesses. When the cost of even leasing space climbed higher and higher, rarely, if ever, slowing from a state of constant exponential growth, new and young companies had no hope of establishing offices in London. Those with long-standing leases were able to sustain their locations, as were companies experiencing the same type of growth. Other businesses were relegated to lesser spaces or to moving further away from the cradle of business.

As prices have fallen, and there has been a significant shake up to the status quo, fledgling businesses can again consider venturing into London and leasing or purchasing office space. The advantages are significant, affording these companies both larger potential client bases, and a much larger workforce from which to draw. As recent economic realities have forced consumers to re-prioritise many things, convenience remains critical. The closer to one's customers one can locate one's business, the higher the probability of success.

Utilising an Office Space/ Commercial Estate Agent

At initial consideration, it may seem like utilising an office space / commercial estate agent adds an unnecessary layer of expense. As more and more business look for ways to cut budgets, the inclusion of another party may seem counterintuitive. In this case, the mistakes that are avoided by using the services of an expert far outweigh the expense. When coupled with the importance of the decision as to where a business should locate offices, eliminating this support becomes more clearly disadvantageous.

The office space market in London is ever-changing and difficult to understand. While a given business will usually make a choice as to location infrequently, a qualified commercial property agency such as DeVono will be actively monitoring trends on an ongoing basis. We are able to identify what prices are reasonable, what areas are growing, and what areas should be avoided. Furthermore, we can act as an advocate, suggesting appropriate lease or purchase terms, helping our clients to avoid common pitfalls that can be costly or even crippling. Employing the services of an informed office space expert like DeVono allows a business to focus on its area of expertise and leave the specifics of the market to those who face it each day. Finally, because we have greater reach, we will be able to provide options that would otherwise have remained unexplored.

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