Are you a business owner thinking about leasing in London? That would make plenty of sense, as there are plenty of good reasons to move to London. The implicit financial advantages of building your business in the centre of an economic hub are myriad, and there's no better time than now to act. Commercial rent in London can be fair or expensive, depending on the quality and location of your office space.

Market Cycles

The commercial real estate market fluctuates like the changing tides, and landlords take advantage of this in their initial rent offerings and subsequent dealings or charges.. At DeVono we pride ourselves on the fact that we work for commercial tenants and not for landlords. We pioneer innovations in our chosen field of tenant representation so that our clients can focus on doing what they do best.

Rent Frustrations

When tenants start looking for office space, a common frustration is not knowing where to start and a lack of knowledge of market rents. . By choosing a London commercial property agency that has access to every one of the buildings on the market like we at DeVono do, you'll be able to find a space that you'll be able to leasehold or freehold. With no rent-related business stress, you'll be able to focus on the decisions that are critical to keeping your finances, whilst being safe in the knowledge that your office search is in the capable hands of DeVono agents.

Office Space Considerations

Successful businesses necessarily have employees who need to get to their jobs on time, and mentally on-track for a high-volume day full of tasks. Worker performance suffers accordingly with the quality of their work environment and we are well aware of how important this is in when leasing office space. Our listings include commercial property to rent in London by location and area as well as listings arranged by Tube proximity. We love making it easier for our tenants to do business and our tenants love us for it, because they know we're always on their side.

Appointing our agents to represent you in your office search will save your business time and money in what will be a very important project for your business growth. DeVono will help you find that special office space in London that is just right for your business to thrive.

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