Our Commitment

DeVono is committed to building a diverse and inclusive work environment that encourages, supports, and celebrates the unique voices of each of our team members. We have built a team with a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, skillsets and experiences that enhance our ability to serve our clients and the wider community. We are dedicated to helping our clients make the best decisions for their business. In order to do this, we selectively hire professionals with multi-dimensional skill sets and perspectives. Diversity of thought enhances our ability to offer our clients creative solutions, allowing our teams to see familiar problems in a new light.

DeVono places the highest priority on promoting equal opportunity in the workplace regardless of age, gender, disability, marital status, pregnancy, race, nationality, religion, beliefs, or sexual orientation. Our team is driven by the principle of mutual respect.

“At DeVono, we are proud to work together as one collective and united team. ‘Together’ and ‘Respect’ are two of our Core Principles that set the foundation for the service that we deliver. These are the guiding force enhancing our company culture. As a team, we demonstrate these principles in everything we do.”

Robert Leigh, Joint CEO at DeVono.

DeVono is a proud partner of, the world’s number one tenant advisory firm. Our Head of People and Premises, Ruth Lynch, represents the UK on’s Global Diversity Council whose initiatives include regular trainings for our leadership on the ability of diversity and inclusion to further our business objectives, implementing a hiring plan to increase diversity, conducting regular employee surveys to gauge the current inclusivity climate, and utilising survey metrics to identify areas for improvement. We are committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion is a key driver and component of every facet of our business and service offering.

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