One of the most common mistakes made by companies moving to new office space in London is the mis-calculation of how much office space they will need. This can have drastic effects on the business in both the long and the short term.
In the long-term, most companies have an idea of their potential expansion over the next two to five years. Ignoring the space requirements that growth will bring can mean that your office space quickly becomes unsuitable, it can also impact your company economically.

At DeVono, we offer an office space appraisal as part of our service. As well as looking into the immediate requirements of your company and its staff, we look at the 'bigger picture' and offer advice that will prove beneficial in the long-term.

This service can be useful in simpler situations; if you are faced with two commercial properties in London that both suit your requirement, our appraisal can allow you to see which property will most suitably accommodate you in the future. If we base our assessment on future growth, then a larger space could be more cost effective for you with the rent per person becoming less over time with the company making cost savings as it grows.

Our Office Space Calculator will enable you to enter the office areas you require, such as storage rooms, kitchens, offices and meeting rooms and it will calculate the size of office space you will need.

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