DeVono's Top 10 tips to Green your office space

  1. PC's - Turn off your monitors and put your PC's on standby at the end of the day
  2. Lighting - Switch off lights in empty offices and at the end of the day
  3. Heating - The most efficient temperature to keep your thermostat at is 19 C. Each degree you increase your thermostats by will increase your heating bill by 8%
  4. Radiators - Leave plenty of space around radiators, if you put office equipment or furniture near the radiators it will have to work harder to heat the room, therefore increasing your energy output/ usage
  5. Electricity - Turn off printers, photocopiers or any electric office equipment at the end of the day
  6. Recycling - Recycle everything possible, including paper and printer toners. There are many independent companies offering recycling facilities for the office and they will do a weekly pick up
  7. Paper - Make sure you print on both sides of paper, use 1 sided printed sheets as scrap paper
  8. Go paperless - Make it a habit to think before you print, if you can read something online, don't print it 
  9. Plants and Cleaning - Try to use non toxic cleaning products. You can brighten up your office space by having plants, these also absorb indoor pollution
  10. Transportation to and from the office - Try walking and cycling and if neither appeal then at least try to avoid taxi's and use public transport where possible

In order to conduct a thorough analysis of your offices environmental performance, please visit the following link BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world's longest established and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings.

It sets the standard for best practice in sustainable design and has become the de facto measure used to describe a building's environmental performance. Credits are awarded in eight categories according to performance. These credits are then added together to produce a single overall score on a scale of Pass, Good, Very Good and Excellent.

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