Your most valuable asset.... your STAFF

  • 73% of employees are not satisfied with the physical workspaces at their current jobs
  • The quality of their physical environment would influence 51% of employees to leave their company
  • 20% of UK offices fail to provide an adequate work environment
  • 85% of UK office staff say that their working environment inhibits their creativity
  • More office workers seem dissatisfied with their working space than with their jobs as a whole: 23% to 12% respectively
  • 25% of employees have serious complaints about various environmental factors

Positive impact of work environment

  • Employees who are pleased with their physical workspaces are 31% more likely to be satisfied with their jobs
  • The physical workspace would impact 41% of employees and job seekers to accept a position
  • Design, management and use of space can affect up to 15% of an organisation's performance
  • A study of IBM mobile employees found that through space design, 52% could work more effectively and around 66% felt more satisfied with their jobs

Benefits of an office move

  • A Blue Chip UK company found a 16% increase in productivity after an office move: staff satisfaction increased from 13% to 75%
  • Employees in Scottish Enterprise Workplace of the future project reported up to 50% higher productivity after a redesign

Points to bear in mind

  • MIT research finds office workers are 4 times as likely to communicate with someone sitting 6 feet away as 60 feet away and people seated 75 ft apart hardly ever speak
  • BT research has found that 2 people working on different floors of the same building have a 1% chance of meeting on any given day


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