Q&A with A+E Networks



A+E Networks UK broadcasts a portfolio of leading factual and entertainment brands: HISTORY®, Lifetime®, Crime + Investigation®, H2® and the very first UK free to air entertainment channel, BLAZE™.

We caught up with Karl Burnett, VP HR Director and Elaine Jackson, Head of Office & Facilities Management, at their impressive 20,000 sq ft office at 1 Queen Caroline Street in Hammersmith, to discover just what makes A+E ‘The Best Place to Work in Television’

1. HOW HAS THE COMPANY EVOLVED OVER THE YEARS? Before we moved to Hammersmith, A+E Networks UK was based in Brentford whilst A+E International – a division of our shareholder company – was based in Mayfair. This reinforced the separate nature of these two companies. We set out to make these two companies into one team under the same roof with the help of DeVono. 2. WHAT LEVEL OF INFLUENCE DID THE WIDER WORKFORCE HAVE ON DECISIONS MADE ABOUT THE NEW OFFICE SPACE? We spent a lot of time researching the different considerations – the location, accessibility, size etc. We wanted to be close to Heathrow and be surrounded by other media companies. We also looked at our own workforce – where they lived and what their access would be to different postcodes. All of this information was taken into account.
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