We have a proven track record of finding the right offices for our clients. However, identifying and finding the right building is simply the start of the process. Securing the right terms to match has a profound and long-term effect on your business and for this reason is as important, and arguably more important than the building itself.

Any decision you make when moving offices will result in significant costs and liabilities being placed upon your business. On average there are in excess of 20 separate areas of negotiation to consider, regardless of the size of the property.

It is crucial to remember that every single area not addressed properly at the time that terms are being negotiated, will work entirely and exclusively in the landlord's favour when the lease itself is drafted and agreed.

Our focus is to achieve the best possible package of costs, conditions and protection for you, the occupier. All of our negotiations on behalf of our clients are entirely transparent, because we work closely with you during this process and make it so.

Once terms have been agreed, we pride ourselves on our management of the conveyancing process in tandem with your solicitor, so that you are able to conclude the transaction successfully and to a timeframe that best suits your business’s needs.

It's only when the lease is signed and you've moved in that we consider our job complete.








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