There are many great things about London, not least its expansive commercial real estate market. Now is a great time to find London office space, as there are plenty of properties available and those properties are tending to come in at competitive prices.

The London office space market is dominated by quality rental properties, so business owners considering London offices should be looking for great prices and great spaces in the rental market.

Think you have to buy London office space in order to move into the city? Think again – renting London office space can be an even better option in many instances.

Renting London offices

When you buy London office space, you are essentially tying yourself down to that one space. Though you could sell your London offices at some point in the future, this is a huge hassle and requires another long, involved process that often demands lots of your attention – to the potential detriment of your business.

A better option for many is to rent London office space so that they have the flexibility to move to a new place when the time is right. Additionally, the rental market is much larger than the freehold market right now, which means you have the chance to find the absolute perfect property, instead of just settling for London offices at a price that does not match your budget.

Growing your business

Every company owner needs to ’leave the door open’ for business growth. If you are going to be successful, then you can't close off these doors. If things go well and your business booms in the city, then you might have to move on to a bigger and better London office space.

You might need more London office space to take on more employees, or you might want to move down to a different area of the city into new London offices in order to target another market. London is so large and diverse that this is always a possibility – there will never be a lack of office space in London.

You might just feel like it is time for a change and to shake things up a little bit. When you opt to rent a London office, you can make this happen quite easily.

Enlist a London office space agent

So thinking about renting London office space is only one part of the equation. You then have to make sure that you're renting the perfect space for your company's changing needs.

London office space can be confusing, so you have to make sure that you have someone on your side that understands how the market works. This is where a commercial estate agent in London comes into play. An office space agent will have studied the market, so that they can lead you to the perfect space for your needs. There will be no more going around the city looking for the right London offices with no results. A DeVono commercial agent will make sure that you have access to a variety of London offices certain to fit the needs of your business.

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