UK Firms who are considering moving their firm's headquarters to London must consider whether leasing or purchasing office space is a better choice. Here are three reasons why it's a good idea to lease London office space rather than purchasing it outright: 

Leasing London offices makes it easier to plan for future business operations.

Purchasing London office space is often a tricky proposition because it ties down a company for an indefinite period of time. This makes it difficult to plan for future business operations because it forces a firm to decide if they will have to sell their London office space or keep it. In today's uncertain business climate, this can make it next to impossible to plan for future operations. As a result, it's a good idea to consider leasing London office space. Doing this gives firms the flexibility they need to plan for future operations without having to worry about keeping a property that might not suit a firm's future needs. 

Leasing London Offices also protects firms against the uncertainty that exists in today's chaotic business environment.

Today's chaotic business environment makes it difficult to keep London office space for more than three years. This is the case because a firm never knows if they are going to expand, contract or be forced to shut down one day. As a result, leasing London offices might be a better idea than purchasing an office outright because it protect firms against the uncertainty that exists in business world. 

Leasing London offices makes it easier to plan how you will run your firm in the future.

Purchasing London office space is often a dicey proposition because it forces firms to take into account what to do with the space in the future. This can make it difficult to plan for future operations because no one knows for certain if the office space will still meet the needs of the firm in the future. As a result, many firms lease London office space to make it easier on themselves to plan their future operations. Firms who have done this often notice that it's much simpler to plan round a lease agreement than it is to plan round deciding the future of an asset whose future value is hard to ascertain. 

Now that you know why leasing London office space is a good idea, why not ask an experienced commercial real estate broker for more information today? There are many brokers who have experience leasing London office space who would be happy to explain to you further the advantages of leasing London office space. 

DeVono exclusively represent tenants and have no conflict of interest as are not working for the landlord. We will save you time and money. We know the market inside out, we do the searching so you can carry on doing what you do best...We will listen and understand your office space requirements then scour the market for different properties that will fit right in with your needs as a business.

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