The principle of workplace strategy can enhance an organisation’s performance as it aligns work practices, environments, technology and business processes. This in turn maximises efficiency, productivity, collaboration and cultural engagement.

At DeVono we realise how a move strategy is imperative to a successful office search, relocation and financial strategy. So, that’s why we offer a consultancy program delivered by a team dedicated to determining our clients’ current and future needs.

Our  occupational strategy and analysis process consists of several data collection activities in which the following strategic information is collated:

• Analysis of all existing commercial lease obligations

• Understanding the current state of the business and its vision for the future

• Evaluating current role and structure of the business

• Reviewing existing and potential business growth patterns

• Financial implications / constraints within the business

• Identifying flexible working work styles


The strategic information is backed up with statistical data;

• Existing and future space requirements

• Existing and future headcount

• Flexible working possibilities

• Analysis of future business needs

Space requirements are established by stakeholders and department interviews in the form of meetings with DeVono.

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