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Office Space and Commercial Property near Farringdon Tube Station

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Farringdon is a large historic area located within the City of London. As a part of London’s most prestigious international finance centre, it’s an ideal location to find commercial property if your business operates in the financial sector. Its benefits are not exclusive to bankers and stockbrokers, however – the area’s substantial foot traffic, excellent transport links and historic prestige make offices in Farringdon a great option for any company that wants to be conveniently located on the centre stage of international business.

The area informally known as Farringdon is actually made up of two wards – Farringdon Within and Farringdon Without. Farringdon Within contains St. Bartholomew's Hospital and Blackfriars, whilst Farringdon Without includes the area east of Chancery Lane, including Smithfield, Lower Temple and Middle Temple. These unusually-named areas are the result of the original ward being ‘split’ in the fourteenth century. ‘Within’ referred to the areas that fell within the boundaries of the London Wall, whilst ‘Without’, quite understandably, refers to the parts of the ward that were located outside the limits of the Wall.

Even today, the boundaries of ‘Farringdon’ are not clearly defined – the term is used to describe a large area surrounding Farringdon Station. What is perfectly clear, however, is that this charming area is full of life. Its many shops, cafés and restaurants attract a multitude of people on a daily basis, which has numerous benefits for businesses looking for commercial property that won’t sink into the background. Offices in Farringdon, by virtue of the sheer amount of people that travel through the area, get noticed.

DeVono is able to provide a wide choice of Farringdon offices, suitable for all types of business and all budgets. You can find period office space as well as modern buildings, so whether you desire historic prestige or cutting-edge chic from your workplace, we can help.

Historically, the area was known for goldsmiths and tanners but, centuries later, the scope of businesses operating in the area is much wider. Nowadays, Farringdon attracts businesses operating in many sectors, thanks largely to its central location and convenient transport links. Being in the heart of London tends to mean great public transport is a given, and Farringdon is no exception.

The aforementioned Farringdon station links the district to Brighton, Bedford, Luton, Sutton and Wimbledon – as well as Gatwick Airport. The station also operates London Underground services – it is served by the Circle, Hammersmith and City, and Metropolitan lines. With Barbican tube station also located nearby, and the great bus services that are common to all central London districts, headquartering your business in Farringdon means that you’ll never have to deal with extended commutes.

At DeVono, we pioneered the tenant-focused approach to sourcing property and managing relocations. In short, it means that we work directly for you – your interests always come before those of a landlord. This means that we’re free to negotiate the best deal, and to talk to third parties on your behalf to make your move as hassle-free as possible.

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