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For any company looking to expand and open an office in the U.K, deciding to locate an office in London is an excellent option. London is the financial capital of Europe and having office space in London, immediately gives a business an added sense of credibility and success. Some of the world's largest and most successful companies are either headquartered in London or have a large amount of office space located here.

While many companies are concerned that office space in London is very expensive, economic factors have made renting or owning office space in London a much more affordable option. Due to the overall collapse of the international financial markets, many businesses have gone completely out of business or have scaled back their operations considerably. This has led to many office buildings located in financial districts to have abnormally high levels of vacancy. In an attempt to lease up space, many office buildings owners have been either renting or selling office spaces at huge discounts. In many buildings, rents have fallen by over 20%. Because of this, if a business is looking for office space, London may actually provide a more affordable option when compared to areas located elsewhere in the U.K.

While many businesses can thrive by opening an office space in London, actually finding the right office space can be quite confusing. And since there is so much available supply of vacant office space around today, finding the right office space at the most affordable price can be even more difficult. For many businesses looking to rent London office space, hiring an experienced office space agent or commercial real estate agent may be an excellent idea.

If you are looking for an office relocation solution in London, we at DeVono can help you, we are a commercial estate agency located in London. Working with us has many advantages over hiring another commercial real estate. The main advantage of hiring DeVono is that we only represent tenants, owner occupiers, and real estate investors. Since we do not represent any landlords, there is no conflict of interest and we always have the tenants best interest in mind.

Another benefit we can offer you is our unrivalled knowledge of London as we specialise in office solutions in London only. DeVono has information on every building and every space located within the city. We are aware of properties and spaces which are over-valued and under-valued. Unlike many other agents, we will take the time with our clients to determine your specific needs and will work hard to find you the perfect office space in London.

By working with DeVono, a company looking for office space in London will save both time and money. This is because we will do all the office space searching for you, and will perform tough negotiations with landlords in order to obtain the best possible rent or sales price for their client.

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