Office space planning

In recent studies, employees cited the workplace as the factor that impacts most on their productivity. At DeVono, as London's premier office finders, we like to consider the needs of your staff as well as the needs of your business before we recommend you commercial office space in London.

If your employees aren't happy, then you won't be either. We look at office space planning as part of our service and are able to offer advice on this important, often overlooked, requirement.

Recent trends are leaning towards open-plan office spaces. These type of commercial premises eliminate the obvious hierarchical structure represented by large offices for managers and small cubicles for everyone else. The open-plan design removes the physical walls which allows for open communication between employees and their managers.

To create a productive workspace, an office primarily needs to be designed for functionality, concentrating on making the space efficient to use in order to fulfil its purpose. Areas can be designated for particular functions, e.g. 'hub'-style areas where employees can meet, discuss and generate ideas.

Lighting has also been highlighted as an influential factor in an employee's morale: too bright and too harsh lighting can cause distraction, low morale and even physical discomfort. Conversely, lighting that is too low can make work difficult to complete. Research suggests that the correct level of lighting can not only increase productivity but, if tied in as part of a 'going green' scheme, can even boost employee morale through giving them a sense of purpose and responsibility.

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