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Office Space in Victoria | Commercial Property Victoria

Office Space in Victoria, London

If you are looking for an office space in London, then you should look into spaces in Victoria. This area of inner city London really is a space that is full of character and activity. The following are just some of the things you can expect from investing in office space in Victoria, London.

One of the best things about looking into London office space in this area is that it is so close to things. It is near a number of restaurants, banks, and shops that will make everything from grabbing a cup of coffee to taking clients out and about that much easier. Similarly, there are department stores and both New Scotland Yard and Metropolitan Police Services headquarters nearby. Thus, no matter what your office needs are, you can be sure to have what you need around you to conduct business effectively on a day to day basis.

The area is one of London's most popular and well-trafficked areas. If you want to be near the hustle and bustle of London and want a space all your own, then an office space in Victoria, London is an excellent choice.

The Regeneration of Victoria

Amongst the regeneration projects under way in Central London, there is often one that is overlooked in favour of the more press friendly and high profile projects. When the dust settles on the various infrastructure projects in London like Crossrail, Kings Cross and the Olympic Legacy, the one that may have been forgotten is the regeneration of Victoria.

When this major project is finished in 2018, there will have been a complete change in not just the transport infrastructure, but also in the surrounding commercial and residential buildings.

Long known for its rather drab appearance and staffed mainly by civil servants and government workers, property values both commercial and residential have been undervalued for many years. Coupled with its central location, these values have been attracting property developers. Along with the de-centralisation of many government departments, which has freed up many ugly old sixties and seventies office blocks, the prime location has appealed to potential high end residential developments as well.

New commercial tenants have also added to the up and coming vibe of the area and it seems to be appealing to the high end fashion retailers, like Jimmy Choo and Burberry. The proximity to both Chelsea and the West End has attracted these companies, and there will be more to follow, for sure. The large UK property companies have been circling for a while and Land Securities is leading the way with several office and residential developments in the pipeline over the next 6 years. Having already attracted tenants of the calibre of Google, Microsoft and 3i, the new projects will sweep away those old grey concrete blocks and provide a City-esque landscape of steel and glass. Land Securities are also encouraging a better retail mix to service those potential new commercial and residential customers, by improving the offering on the main retail street in the area, Victoria Street. Interspersed with the commercial buildings, there will be several new residential towers, including re-imagining the old Portland House as a luxury block. Rumour has it that Her Majesty has never particularly liked the view from Buckingham Palace of such a monument to Brutalist architecture!

When the station itself finishes undergoing a facelift, it will incorporate better access to the concourse, as well as more access points to and from the tube. With £700 million being invested into the upgrade of the station itself and the continued debate over whether to move the coach station to a different location within the borough, there will significant changes to the infrastructure in such a central location, and those existing developers will hope to cash in on what promises to be a radical change right in the heart of London.

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